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Alan Walker
Hungarian Christmas

9 December 2019, 19.00-22.00

Grand Hall

Hungarian Christmas

Works by Sándor Szokolay

Winners of Szokolay InspirArt – SZIA 2019 Composition Competition
Szokolay: Hungarian Christmas – Hungarian Christmas carols
Szokolay: Mohácsi Betlehemes – Folk Song Cantata for Women's Choir and Orchestra

Pro Musica Girls' Choir (choirmaster: Dénes Szabó)
Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra
Students of Bartók Conservatoire
Conductor: Mátyás Antal
Moderator: Szilvia Becze

Sándor Szokolay’s album Hungarian Christmas was released by Hungaroton in the early 1980s and went gold when it sold over 100,000 copies. The easily accessible and classical arrangements of Hungarian Christmas songs and Nativity plays contributed enormously to the popularity of the record. Szokolay’s hallmark instrumentalization is mixed with pure devotion and lively humour. The Szokolay oeuvre features a good number of compositions linked to the Christmas season. Indeed, among his earliest works is Christmas Children’s Miniatures. Throughout his life he kept returning to the subjects of Advent and the Christmas mystery. He presented his children with a new composition virtually every Christmas. Continuing the tradition in the spirit of Szokolay, during the first half of the concert prize-winning works of the Szokolay InspirArt – SZIA 2019 composer competition are performed by young artists as well as students of the Bartók Music Secondary School.




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