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Sir Georg Solti
Iván Madarász 70

5 June 2019, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Iván Madarász 70 Presented by Liszt Academy

Iván Madarász: RAP-petíció (RAP-etition)
Iván Madarász: Egy történet fejezetei (Chapters of a History)


Iván Madarász: Utolsó keringő (Last Waltz)
Lady: Wittinger Gertrúd
Chef: Meláth Andrea
Husband: Fried Péter
Man: Boncsér Gergely

Woman: Ildikó Szakács
Cook: Andrea Meláth
Husband: András Hábetler
Man: Gergely Boncsér
Szilveszter Szélpál (rapper)
Budapest Academic Choral Society
Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok
Conductor: Gábor Hollerung

It is easy to spot the character traits of the protean personality in the compositional build of Iván Madarász. An ‘all-knowing’ creative individual with broad horizons who studies his vocation with a researcher’s interest, a person who, if the situation arises, is capable of taking on completely unexpected forms. A fellow artist said of him that Iván Madarász is a multilingual composer. When his compositional achievements were recognized with a Kossuth Prize, the laudation cited his versatile creativity and “rich career maturing significant works in several musical genres”. In every key segment of this career Madarász has composed an opera, and the three works fundamentally differ from one another both stylistically and in their relation to genre traditions. His third opera based on Gábor Görgey’s stage work Afternoon Tea premiered in the Hungarian State Opera in 2003. But Madarász is not only inspired by existing theatre; he is just as gripped by scenes of imagination as possibilities of language, singing or speech that may in future become elements of a new opera style.

Presented by

Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok, Liszt Academy Concert Centrencertközpont


HUF 1 800, 2 400, 3 000