Liszt is to piano playing what Euclid is to geometry.

Alan Walker
Contemporary Romantics 3.0

6 October 2019, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

Contemporary Romantics 3.0 Presented by Liszt Academy

Bence Kutrik: Halhatatlan szív (The Immortal Heart)
György Orbán: Violin Concerto – world premiere
Levente Gyöngyösi: Missa Vanitas vanitatum

Bence Gazda (violin), Gabriella Balga, Orsolya Sáfár, Eszter Zemlényi, Krisztián Cser (vocals)
Kodály Choir Debrecen (choirmaster: Máté Szabó Sipos)
Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok
Conductor: Gábor Hollerung

Gábor Hollerung believes that less and less among 21st-century composers consider the instruments and techniques of past centuries outdated and unacceptable, or the expression of emotions something to be ashamed of. For the series, Contemporary Romantics, he approached composers who share a view of the challenges modern music faces.

The solo in György Orbán’s Violin Concerto is played by Bence Gazda, who has shown an ever keener interest in contemporary music, while Bence Kutrik, who is one of the most impulsive artists of his generation, presents a “trash-thriller” opera.

Levente Gyöngyösi’s mass of a personal tone, which he completed in 2010 and which bears many of the traits of an opera, has direct and indirect links to the sacred music of the 19th-century, to Liszt and Brahms.


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CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival


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