The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt
Russian Music Festival

1 October 2020, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Russian Music Festival

Tchaikovsky 180

Tchaikovsky–Arensky: The Nutracker – Suite (excerpts)
Tamás Pregun, Marcell Szabó (piano)
Tchaikovsky – Zsolt Máté Mészáros: Swan Lake – Suite (excerpts)
Zsolt Máté Mészáros (organ)
Tchaikovsky: Souvenir d’un lieu cher, Op. 42
Ernő Kállai (violin), Marcell Szabó (piano)


Tchaikovsky–Rachmaninov: Sleeping Beauty – Suite (excerpts)
Ádám Balogh, Marcell Szabó (piano)
Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37a – 10. October: Autumn Song, 11. November: Troika
Tchaikovsky: Six Pieces, Op. 51 – 6. Valse sentimentale
Anasztázia Razvaljajeva (harp)
Tchaikovsky: Dumka, Op. 59
Tchaikovsky – Mikhail Pletnev: The Nutracker – Suite (excerpts)
Marcell Szabó (piano)

Unfortunately, this year’s pandemic means that the full programme of the 3rd Festival of Russian Music is postponed for one year. However, on the occasion of International Music Day and the 180th anniversary of the birth of Tchaikovsky, the oganisers thought it important to pay tribute to the great master of Russian Romanticism. Artistic director of the festival Marcell Szabó has put together a sample of the works and artists appearing in next year’s festival designed to show the extraordinary richness of the music that has made Tchaikovsky so popular globally. The concert features the composer’s best-known melodies in various formations and instrumentalizations.

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