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Alan Walker
Ditró – Budapest, Ditró

8 October 2020, 19.30-21.00

Grand Hall

Acoustic, authentic

Ditró – Budapest, Ditró Presented by Liszt Academy

László Kelemen 60

László Kelemen: Solo Sonata – 1. Preludium, 2. Fuga
Ádám Banda (violin)

„Csak azt mondd meg, rózsám…” (sound recording)
Slow and Fast from Szék
Réka Juhász, Anna Sőregi (vocals)
István Papp Gázsa and his band

Hungarian Songs from Bonchida
András Berecz (vocals), Miklós Molnár, István Gázsa Papp (violin), László Mester (viola), Ferenc Zimber (cimbalom), Róbert Doór (double bass)

Folk Music Compilation from Gyergyó
Ágnes Enyedi (vocals), Attila Mihó (violin), Ferenc Zimber (cimbalom), Orsolya András (gardon)

László Kelemen: Testament (on a poem of Géza Szőcs)
László Kelemen: Né, hol leng egy nagy ház (Yonder Swings a Big House)
Saint Ephraim Male Choir (artistic director: Tamás Bubnó)

Violin Players from Kalotaszeg
Melinda Balogh (vocals), Levente Székely, István Papp 'Gázsa', Miklós Molnár, István Varga 'Kiscsipás' (violin), László Mester (viola), Róbert Doór (double bass)

László Kelemen: Forradalom után (After the Revolution) – excerpt from the Verbunk programme of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
Melinda Balogh, Ágnes Enyedi, Réka Juhász, Eszter Pál, Anna Sőregi (vocals)
István Pál 'Szalonna' and his band

Deer Singing (excerpts)
Hungarian State Folk Ensemble 

László Kelemen: Solo Sonata – 3. Alla Siciliana, 4. Moderato
Ádám Banda (violin)

Szerkesztő: Árendás Péter

Today, the name of László Kelemen, who was born in Ditró in Székely Land, Romania, is perhaps most often associated with his public activities in the area of culture. He has been director of the Hungarian Heritage House for nearly 20 years, which through its network spanning the entire Carpathian Basin has become a major source of support for the amateur dance house movement. Fewer people know that he graduated from the composer department of the Cluj-Napoca College of Music in the mid-1980s, and then travelled on several continents as a folk musician and member of the Ökrös Band. The concert reflects this period from several decades earlier because there are not only traditional folk music compilations but a few of his own compositions, among them the Solo Sonata for violin performed by Ádám Banda, and the choral work Song for Kolozsvár Boys as interpreted by the Saint Ephraim Mixed Choir conducted by Tamás Bubnó on the programme. The procession of young folk musicians on the podium represents the continuity spanning generations of the dance house movement, evoking memories of the homeland and Kelemen’s most decisive musical experiences from Gyergyó to Kalotaszeg.



Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre


Trianon Memorial Year


HUF 1 900, 2 900, 3 900