The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

19 October 2020, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Grieg: Peer Gynt – Suite
Bruch: Doube Concerto in E minor for Clarinet and Viola, Op. 88
Franck: Symphony in D minor

János Szepesi (clarinet), Győző Máté (viola)
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Gergely Vajda

It is quite probable that the E minor double concerto, a late work of Max Bruch finalized in 1911, has never before been performed in a concert hall in Hungary in its original form. The composer wrote the work for his clarinettist son Max Felix Bruch; the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra are conducted by Gergely Vajda who started his career as a clarinettist. The two popular works that bookend the concerto, the Peer Gynt suite and Franck’s moving D minor symphony, are real audience favourites. The latter appeared in Budapest concert life in the 1910s, although a critic noted with regard to one of its first airings that the symphony’s “excellence once again remained in the score”. There’s no chance we have to reckon on such an eventuality at this performance.

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