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Alan Walker
Sándor Balassa 85

8 December 2020, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Sándor Balassa 85

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Sándor Balassa: City of Civis, Op. 91
Sándor Balassa: Fantasia for Harp and String Orchestra, Op. 76
Sándor Balassa: Hungarian Coronation Music, Op. 63


Sándor Balassa: Tündér Ilona, Op. 45
Sándor Balassa: Prayer of János Damjanich, Op. 48
Sándor Balassa: Valley of Huns, Op. 69

Andrea Vigh (harp)
MÁV Symphony Orchestra
Cantemus Mixed Choir (choir master: Soma Szabó)
Conductor: Ádám Medveczky

“Let the work be new in thought, rich in its relations, multifaceted in its human gestures. Let it be pure in style: the sounds present should come only from themselves. (…) There is only one yardstick: we have to use this to measure a molehill and Ararat.” Sándor Balassa in an interview given more than 40 years ago said this about the artistic-human expectation that he primarily set himself, and although his compositional style changed over the decades, new compositions adding to his oeuvre have always been conceived in this spirit. The concert celebrating his 85th birthday validates this when, under the baton of Ádám Medveczky, a representative sample of works from the second half of his oeuvre are performed, which even with their choice of titles reflect the preservation of the traditions of national culture and the national past.

Tickets and season tickets purchased for May 28th 2020 are valid for this concert.

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Liszt Academy Concert Centre, MÁV Symphony Orchestra


HUF 1 500, 2 000, 2 500, 3 000