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Liszt to Ödön Mihalovich
Choral works of Zoltán Kodály – Christmas concert

27 December 2020, 19.30-21.00

Grand Hall

Choral works of Zoltán Kodály – Christmas concert Presented by Liszt Academy

Stream of the concert recorded on 16 December 2017

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Kodály: Greeting
Full choir
Conductor: Csaba Kutnyánszky

Kodály: An Ode for Music
Kodály: Norwegian Girls
Kodály: Wish for Peace
New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir
Conductor: László Norbert Nemes

Kodály: Epiphany (old Hungarian ecclesiastical song on the text of Sándor Sík)
Kodály: A Christmas Carol
Kodály: The Angels and the Shepherds
Cantemus Children’s Choir Nyíregyháza
Conductor: Dénes Szabó

Kodály: Communion Anthem
Kodály: Te Deum of Sándor Sík
Kodály: Jesus and the Traders
Cantate Mixed Choir
Conductor: Ferenc Sapszon

Kodály: Geneva Psalm CL
Full choir
Conductor: Valér Jobbágy

Kodály: Cease Your Bitter Weeping
Kodály: Orphan am I
Kodály: Two Folksongs from Zobor
Angelica Girls’ Choir
Conductor: Zsuzsanna Gráf

Kodály: Mátra Pictures
Alma Mater Choir of the Liszt Academy
Conductor: Csaba Somos

Kodály: Song of Faith
Full choir
Conductor: István Párkai


It is a rare occasion indeed when some of the best choirs in Hungary perform under the batons of outstanding conductors, including three Kossuth Prize winners, on a single evening. However, this is exactly what this concert serves up on the 135th anniversary (to the day) of the birth of one of the most significant composers, educators, folk music researchers and musicologists of the 20th century. At this event representing one of the highpoints of the 2017 Kodály Year, we receive a special selection of the finest and most fascinating a cappella choral works written by Zoltán Kodály. The ensembles of Zsuzsanna Gráf, Ferenc Sapszon and Dénes Szabó have won several of the most important choral competitions in the world and are ranked among the vanguard of choral groups in international terms. The Alma Mater Choir, made up of Liszt Academy students, are the university’s music formation with the longest unbroken history, while the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, led by László Norbert Nemes, continue the tradition set down by professor emeritus István Párkai, who founded the chamber choir in 1963.


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