Music was and is an essential part of daily life in Hungary.

Sir Georg Solti
Students of the Bartók Conservatoire on the Podium

16 March 2021, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Konzi Concerts

Students of the Bartók Conservatoire on the Podium Presented by Liszt Academy


Featuring: students of the Bartók Conservatoire

“[The ladies of Ferrara] competed with each other, not so much in which one had a brighter ringing and more beautiful sound, but rather in decorating the melody with brilliant passages at the right moment, but never overdoing it. […] Sometimes they extended the voices, sometimes they shattered them accompanied with a gentle, dying sigh, sometimes they sang long passages, sometimes in one breath, sometimes divided into notes, sometimes small ones, then jumps, long or short trills, then again pleasant passages sung so softly that the listener might think it the unexpected response of a distant echo.” This is how Vincenzo Giustiniani praised his contemporaries, virtuoso singers active in the 16th century court of Ferrara. According to records, the ensemble made up of brilliant soloists was one of the first representatives of virtuoso vocal performance in music history. Thus, it is perhaps no exaggeration to say that, in a sense, all students of singing are heirs of their art, including the students of the Department of Vocal Studies of Bartók Konzi who are now introducing themselves.




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