The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz
Folk Dance House Day

7 May 2021, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Acoustic, authentic

Folk Dance House Day

Streamed only

Meg kell a búzának érni… (Magyarszovát)
Ferenc Kádár's songs from Dévaványa
Music from Felcsík
Music from Méhkerék
Békés band: Hajnalka János (vocals), Dániel Lipták (violin), Tamás Gombai (violin), Gábor Nagy (contra, bagpipe), András Csepregi (double bass, gardon)
Vert kezes dallamok
Öves táncdallamok dudán és kavalon
Kezes táncdallamok
A pünkösdi rózsa…
Berka ensemble: Dorottya Tóth (vocals, zither), György Barna (violin), Dávid Botlik (cobza), Mátyás Egervári (bagpipe, cimbalom), Szabolcs Endrődi (recorder, kaval, bagpipe), János Szalai-Gindl (recorder, kaval), Márton Walch (drums, doromb)
Kalotaszegi szaporák
Lehullott a piros rózsa levele…
Kesergő, czardas and szapora
Românește de sărit cu strigături
Czardas from Szucság and szapora
Bogártelki hajnali and legényes
Erdőfű: Andor Maruzsenszki (violin), Ádám Kiss Balbinat (violin, vocals), Márton Éri (viola), Katalin Éri (double bass), Soma Salamon (recorder, accordion)

Dance House Day is traditionally organized all over the country on the anniversary of the first ‘urban’ dance house in Hungary. The Liszt Academy gala folk music concert is part of a national series, which this year is being organized jointly by the Hungarian Heritage House and Liszt Academy. István Pávai is the concert organizer; he has already proved on numerous occasions that the use of scientific results and the demand for quality entertainment are not mutually exclusive factors. The Béla Halmos Trophy and the Béla Halmos Memorial Medal are presented at a ceremony. The former was established by the Hungarian Heritage House, the latter by the Association of Friends of the Hungarian Heritage House. The Trophy, which is actually the violin once owned by Béla Halmos, is presented to an under-40-year-old musician actively playing traditional folk instrumental music in dance houses, who in the course of his/her work maintains contact with Hungarian communities living beyond the country’s border. The Memorial Medal recognizes outstanding professional and community ‘background work’ within the framework of the Dance House Movement.



Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy, and at the Fb page of the Hungarian Heritage House.

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Hungarian Heritage House, Liszt Academy Concert Centre