Orchestral works written by young composers

8 September 2021, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Orchestral works written by young composers

Zoltán Németh: Concertino for Piano and Orchestra
Tamás Józsa: Lento
Dániel Dobri: PentaTones for Orchestra
Dániel Lázár: Inventio

Zoltán Németh (piano)
Danubia Orchestra Óbuda
Conductor: Dániel Fülöp, Bence Juhász
Host: Szabolcs Molnár

Four composers, Zoltán Németh, Tamás Józsa, Dániel Dobri and Dániel Lázár, graduating from the masters course at the Liszt Academy in 2020, introduce themselves to the general public with orchestral works. Zoltán Németh also takes to the stage as soloist of his two-movement, miniature piano concerto. The orchestral composition by Tamás Józsa represents, like a kind of catalogue, all those composition techniques that he drew from Baroque counterpoint in the course of his studies at the Liszt Academy. “Recognized techniques of Minimalist composers (Górecki, Arvo Pärt) and film music solutions are apparent in the orchestration of the work.” Dániel Lázár similarly looks on his work Inventio as a summary, in which he condenses all the compositional techniques acquired in his career so far. The audience can enjoy a new version of the Dániel Dobri work that won third prize in the grand orchestral category of the New Hungarian Music Forum’s 2020 composer competition.

Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre, Danubia Orchestra Óbuda


National Cultural Fund of Hungary


1 500 Ft