The Moscow Russian Patriarchate Choir

9 September 2021, 19.30-21.30

Grand Hall

The Moscow Russian Patriarchate Choir

International Eucharistic Congress 2021

Ancient Russian Polyphonies
Schnittke: Concerto for Choir – 4. Sej trud, shto natchinal ja s upavan'jem (Complete this work which I began)
Rachmaninov: In our Prayers, Ever-vigilant Mother of God
Rachmaninov: Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Op. 31 – Tebe poem (We Sing to Thee)

Moscow Russian Patriarchate Choir, Moscow State Regional Choir
Conductor: Anatoly Grindenko and Mikola Azarov

After more than 80 years, Hungary once again hosts the diverse programme series satisfying the spiritual and cultural needs of all age groups, the International Eucharistic Convention (5-12 September 2021). The one-week event includes a performance by the Moscow Patriarchate Orthodox Choir, formed from vocalists of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Monastery located close to the Russian capital, in the early 1980s. The founder, theologist-musicologist Anatoly Grindenko, undertook the task of researching and presenting to the general public the traditional melodies and original tonal world of the ancient art of Russian church singing. At the International Eucharistic Convention, they perform their own repertoire as well as excerpts from the Choral Concert by Alfred Schnittke and works by Rachmaninov, complemented by artists of the Moscow State Academy Regional Choir.




Presented by

General Secretariat of the Budapest International Eucharistic Congress


HUF 6 500, 8 800