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G. F. Händel: Joseph and his Brethren

9 December 2021, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

G. F. Händel: Joseph and his Brethren

Händel: Joseph and his Brethren – Oratorio, HWV 59 (Hungarian premiere)

Joseph, an Hebrew: Eszter Balogh
Pharaoh, King of Egypt and Reuben, Brother to Joseph: László Jekl
Simeon, Brother to Joseph: Zoltán Megyesi
Judah, Brother to Joseph: László Kéringer
Benjamin, Brother to Joseph: Nóra Ducza
Potiphera, High Priest of On and Phanor, Chief Butler to Pharaoh, afterwards Joseph's Steward: Kornélia Bakos
Asenath, Daughter to the High Priest: Krisztina Jónás
Kodály Choir Debrecen (choirmaster: Zoltán Kocsis-Holper)
Savaria Baroque Orchestra
Conductor: Pál Németh

Händel completed his oratorio Joseph and his Brethren in the summer of 1743. The librettist presented the story of Joseph not from the beginning, rightly presuming that the audience was already familiar with it. This is why he chose a poetic form, freely selecting from the events. Joseph’s brothers become jealous of him because their father, Jakob, prefers him. For this reason, they sell him into slavery. He arrives in Egypt where he becomes the servant of the captain of the pharaoh’s bodyguard (Potiphara, or Potiphar). Potiphar’s wife is attracted to Joseph but he rejects her. In revenge, she falsely accuses him and he is thrown into prison. The oratorio starts in the prison where Joseph bemoans his fate. The pharaoh is tortured by a dream that nobody is able to interpret. Phanor remembers Joseph and brings him to the court. Joseph, assisted by Jehovah, successfully interprets the dream: the prediction says that seven years of plenty will be followed by seven years of famine. As the years of want arrive, Joseph’s brothers travel to Egypt but do not recognize him. A series of dramatic events follows while Joseph attempts to awaken a sense of guilt in the minds of his brothers. Finally he reveals himself and they all sing the praises of the Lord and Egypt.




Presented by

Hungarian Handel Society, Savaria Baroque Orchestra


Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungarian Händel Society


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