Technique should create itself from spirit not from mechanics.

Franz Liszt to Lina Raman
Concerto Budapest – Premiere

15 January 2022, 22.00-23.00

Grand Hall


Concerto Budapest – Premiere

Gyula Csapó

Gyula Csapó: Concerto for Viola and a Changing Environment (premiere of the revised version)

Gábor Homoki (viola)
Concerto Budapest
Conductor: Gergely Dubóczky

“It is not a competition between soloist and members of the orchestra, but the seeking of a partner; the solo viola has access to every room, his/her fellow instrumentalists play music with total omnipotence only in their own room, they cannot move across to another.” This is how in 2008 Gyula Csapó characterized his single-movement concerto composed “for viola and changing environment”, which “is a viola concerto in that the part for the viola runs through the entire work like a red thread”. The work debuted under the baton of László Tihanyi and with the assistance of the person who commissioned it, Rivka Golani. Then, in 2019, the composer developed a reworked version; Concerto Budapest immediately undertook the performance of this piece. After many enforced delays, finally the first performance of the new version is happening under the direction of conductor Gergely Dubóczky – who has a particular affinity to contemporary works – and solo by international acclaimed string player Gábor Homoki, a member of Keller Quartet.

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