Our task is to form veritable talents who possess the necessary gifts to become masters, without attending to the ungifted mediocrity.

Liszt to Giovanni Sgambati
Talents of the Liszt Academy & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

13 February 2022, 15.00-17.00

Grand Hall

Talents of the Liszt Academy & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Presented by Liszt Academy

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Albinoni: Concerto For Two Oboes in F major, Op. 9/3 – 2. Adagio, 3. Allegro
Krisztina Pethő, Anna Zsófia Keszthelyi (oboe)
J. S. Bach: Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043
Marley Erickson, Éva Kóbor (violin)
Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in C minor, RV 480
Dávid Blaga, Boróka Bagi, Péter Husz (bassoon)
Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Violins in A minor, RV 522 [op. 3/8]
Maria Trepaska, Julianna Gaál (violin)
Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major, K. 414
Elemér Balázs, Ildikó Rozsonits, Kaisei Mizuno (piano)

Heinrich Heine is once reputed to have said of Alfred de Musset: he is “a young man with a great future behind him,” and the French poet, the typical self-destructive figure of Romanticism, understandably never forgave the cutting comment by his German colleague. Even so, the bon mot – beyond the fact that it is apposite, and because of this inevitably induces one to ponder – sheds light on an important element as well: namely, that talent, the very nature of which philosophers, aesthetes, pedagogues and more recently neurologists have long looked into, lends not only mystery to the person who holds it, but at the same time it demands discipline. Year on year, the traditional open day of the Liszt Academy inducts us into the secret of how extraordinary endowments can be cultivated in the most accomplished, precise and valuable ways possible.



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