Kodály's method of teaching music is brilliant …. All good music-making begins with the voice.

Sir Georg Solti
‘I plucked the fairest flowers’

21 February 2022, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

‘I plucked the fairest flowers’

Gábor Bretz (vocals) & Zsuzsanna Gráf (piano) Chamber Recital

Kodály: Five Songs, Op. 9 – Adam, where are you? (to the poem by Endre Ady); The forest (to the poem by Béla Balázs)
Kodály: Belated Melodies, Op. 6 – Solitude (to the poem by Dániel Berzsenyi); Carnival (to the poem by Mihály Csokonai Vitéz)
Mahler: Rückert-Lieder
Kodály: Énekszó, Op. 1 – excerpts

Gábor Bretz (vocals), Zsuzsanna Gráf (piano)
Among the Mahler songs, Bence Takács performs poems by Friedrich Rückert (translated by Kristóf Csengery)


HUF 2 900, 3 900