The training I received at the Academy was difficult and at times harsh, but those who survived the experience emerged as real musicians.

Sir Georg Solti
Ferenc Snétberger, Jesper Bodilsen & Morten Lund

19 May 2022, 19.30-21.00

Grand Hall

Jazz it! Spring 2022

Ferenc Snétberger, Jesper Bodilsen & Morten Lund Presented by Liszt Academy

Ferenc Snétberger (guitar), Jesper Bodilsen (double bass), Morten Lund (percussion)

Hungarian audiences need no introduction to Ferenc Snétberger. It is worth mentioning, however, that his solo career really took off after he released a concert album recorded at the Liszt Academy. Since then, he has switched between solo and group productions, and in September 2021, encouraged by record label ECM of Munich, he founded a new band. He met the top-class rhythm section players Morten Lund and Jesper Bodilsen while in Copenhagen and they immediately began to dream big plans. The experience and versatility of the Danish musicians allow for an empathetic collaboration crafted in minute detail. The drumming of Lund, winner of the Ben Webster Prize, features on some 250 albums. He is at home in virtually every style of music. Together with Bodilsen, they have been members of the so-called ‘Danish Trio’ with Italian pianist Stefano Bollani for some 20 years. The world encountered the double bass playing of Django d’Or Prize-winner Bodilsen in partnership with legendary drummer Ed Thigpen.



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Jazz it! Spring 2022