My friends are those who haunt the Ideal; there, dear friend, we 'recognize' each other, and shall always do so…

Liszt to Ödön Mihalovich
Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra

13 September 2022, 19.00-21.00

Grand Hall

Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra

The Dynamic Sound of Korea – A Celebration of Traditional Korean Music

Won Il: Daechwita
Jeongseon Arari / Han obaengnyeon (‘Nearly five hundred years’) / Singosan taryeong (‘Ballad of the Singosan station’) / Gangwondo Arirang
Ham Young-sun (vocals)
Geomungo Sanjo (unconventional melodies for Korean zither) in the style of Shin Kwe-Dong
Park Sung-A (geomungo), Park Sang-Deuk (soribuk percussion accompaniment)
Isudaeyeop (transcription made by Song Hongsup)
Kang Kwonsun (female vocals)
Won Il: Dionysos Robot

Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra
Conductor and music director: Won Il

Presented by

Korean Cultural Centre


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