...a country (Hungary) whose population, even today, is barely over ten million has produced so many musicians and so much outstanding music. I am grateful for having been born and trained there.

Sir Georg Solti
'Haydn and Metastasio'

2 November 2022, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Haydneum Autumn Festival

'Haydn and Metastasio'

Haydn: L’isola disabitata, Hob. XXVIII:9 (concert performance)
Silvia: Ágnes Kovács 
Costanza: Eszter Balogh
Gernando: Márton Komáromi 
Enrico: Szilveszter Szélpál

Orfeo Orchestra
Conductor:György Vashegyi

Presented by

HAYDNEUM – Hungarian Centre for Early Music


HUF 2 400, 3 600, 4 800, 5 900