...a country (Hungary) whose population, even today, is barely over ten million has produced so many musicians and so much outstanding music. I am grateful for having been born and trained there.

Sir Georg Solti
Martin Haselböck

20 November 2022, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Organ Concerts

Martin Haselböck Presented by Liszt Academy


J. S. Bach–Liszt: Einleitung und Fuge aus der Kantate Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis
Martin: Passacaille
J. S. Bach–Landmann: Chaconne in D minor from the Violin Partita No. 2
Krenek: Die vier Winde – Suite, Op. 223
Liszt: Fantasy and Fugue on the Chorale Ad nos, ad salutarem undam

Martin Haselböck (organ)

Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre


HUF 1 800, 2 300, 2 900

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Organ Concerts

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