I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti
Metrum Ensemble

8 December 2022, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Here and now

Metrum Ensemble Presented by Liszt Academy


Veress: Introduzione e Coda
Péter Eötvös: Trio á cordes
Penderecki: Quartet for Clarinet and String Trio


Stravinsky: Cantata

Márta Murányi (soprano), László Kéringer (tenore)
Female's Choir of the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir
Metrum Ensemble: Milan Pala (violin), Dániel Krähling (viola), Eszter Agárdi (cello), Anna Rákóczy, Máté Bán (flute), András Zászkaliczky (oboe), Béla Horváth (english horn)
Artistic director, conductor and featuring on clarinet: Lajos Rozmán

Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre


HUF 2 500, 3 900

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Here and now

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