The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt

26 April 2023, 18.00-20.00

Old Academy of Music, Chamber Hall

Liszt Ferenc Society

Schubert: Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in B-flat major, D. 617
Schubert: Frühlingsglaube, D. 686 (to the poem by Johann Ludwig Uhland)
Liszt:2 Lieder von Franz Schubert – 7. Frühlingsglaube
Schubert: Lob der Tränen, D. 711 (to the poem by August Wilhelm Schegel)
Schubert–Liszt: Lob der Tränen
Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade, D. 118 (to the poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
Schubert: Litanei, D. 343 (to the poem by Johann Georg Jacobi)
Schubert: Sei mir gegrüßt, D. 741 (to the poem by Friedrich Rückert)
Liszt: Im Rhein, im schönen Strome (2.változat, to the poem by Heinrich Heine)
Liszt: Die tote Nachtigall st version, to the poem by Philipp Kaifmann)
Liszt: Kling leise, mein Lied nd version, to the poem by Johann Rumpelmeyer)
Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, D. 965 (to the poems by Wilhelm Müller and Karl August Varnhagen von Ense)

Featuring: Júlia Debre-Szilágyi, Petra Elek, Ráhel Hencz (vocals), Norbert Hegyi (clarinet), Eszter Csukás, Eszter Szabó, Márton János Mikulík (piano)
Host: János Szabó Ferenc


Admission to the concert is free for Liszt members, tickets can be purchased for HUF 1 000 before the concert at the venue.