The most important class, however, for me and for hundreds of other Hungarian musicians, was the chamber-music class. From about the age of fourteen, and until graduation from the Academy, all instrumentalists except the heavy-brass players and percussionists had to participate in this course. Presiding over it for many years was the composer Leó Weiner, who thus exercised an enormous influence on three generations of Hungarian musicians.

Sir Georg Solti

29 December 2023, 16.00-17.30

Grand Hall

Jazz it!


Afternoon encore concert with shortened programme, without intermission

Jazzation: Katus Várallyay, Sára Bolyki, Gina Kanizsa, Barnabás Bolyki, Máté Homor (vocals)
Budapest Orchestra Project: Edvárd Gergely (alto saxophone, flute), Norbert Sándor (alto saxophone), Bálint Uher-Győrfi (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Máté Drippey (tenor saxophone/flute), Marcell Vincze (baritone saxophone), Márk Mihályfi, Gergely Bille, Ádám Rozbora, Gábor Hammer (trumpet), Mátyás Papp, András Dénes, Bence Bodon (trombone), Gergely Janák (bass trombone), Armand Neuschl (piano), Benedek Virág (guitar), Tamás Gyányi (bass guitar), Roland Majsai (drums)
Leader of the orchestra: Ábel Tompa

Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre, Acappella Hangőrző Association


HUF 2800, 4200, 5500, 6900