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Franz Liszt
Éva Korpás

21 October 2021, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Acoustic, Authentic

Éva Korpás Presented by Liszt Academy

Heart Bell - Album Release Concert

Folk song collection from Hungary and Slovakia (Upper Hungary)

Éva Korpás (vocals)
Featuring: Klára Csernók (violin, viola), Ádám Takács (violin), Endre Papp (viola, accordion), Zoltán Hanusz (double bass), Sándor Kuti (cimbalom), Csenge Janovszki, Boglárka Czajlik, Réka Korpás, Lili Lakatos, Júlia Szabó, Viktória Zsoldos (vocals)
Guests: Ágnes Herczku, András Berecz (vocals), András Madarász (piano, guitar), Dávid Sipos (saxophone), Tibor Lelkes (double bass), Attila Varjú (drums), Áron Lakatos (violin), Róbert Lakatos and Rév band, Tükrös band

Folk singer Éva Korpás is a leading figure of cultural life in Slovakia’s uplands. The activities of this artist who is constantly experimenting are extremely wide-reaching: they include children’s recordings and world music albums for adults. Her songs reflect stylistic traits of classical music, folk music and world music alongside jazz influences. As singer with the band RÉV, she is on a constant search of discovery in the hinterlands of folk music and classical. Her latest disc gives leading billing to folk music; the base motif of the thematic editing is love experienced as a woman, together with all its beauty and pain. The musical fabric of the moods and moments evoked is fundamentally structured on the folk music of southern Slovakia, but there are also elements of the archaic music of distant Moldavia. The love story is framed by the poem of Róbert Laboda; it also speaks, in the singing of students, to the young generation. In the second half of this celebratory programme, the most memorable songs in the singer’s career are performed with the help of her closest colleagues and friends.




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