...a country (Hungary) whose population, even today, is barely over ten million has produced so many musicians and so much outstanding music. I am grateful for having been born and trained there.

Sir Georg Solti
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4 December 2023, 19.00-21.30

Solti Hall

Workshops at the Liszt Academy

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Concert by Music and Visual Arts Students/1

Mozart: String Quartet No.14 in G major, K. 387
Zsófia Fóris, András Vavrinecz (violin), Dorina Molnár (viola), Hagiwara Izumi (cello)
Gergely Botos: Dawn Visions
N.N. (viola), N.N. (cello), N.N. ( horn), N.N. (piano)
C.M. von Weber: Grand duo concertant, Op. 48
Márton Csongár (clarinet), Attila Szaniszló (piano)
Rachmaninov: Piano Trio No. 1 in G minor (‘Trio Élégiaque’)
Erik Denton Miczura (violin), Botond Farkas (piano), Emma Balázs (cello)
Glière: Album Leaves, Op. 51
Kitti Szovák (cello), Máté Dömötör (piano)
Mátyás Papp: Too Close to the Sun
András Kalocsai (viola), Boglárka Forgó (cello), Áron Lescsinszky (piano), conductor: Belián Hámori 
Dvořák: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, Op. 87
András Vavrinecz (violin), Berta Ittzés (viola), Hagiwara Izumi (cello), Csanád Szekrényessy (piano)

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Liszt Academy Concert Centre


Admission to the concert is free. Tickets can be claimed at the website and at the Ticket Office of the Liszt Academy one month before the concert.