Honvéd Male Choir

6 September 2021, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Honvéd Male Choir


J. S. Bach: Magnificat, BWV 243
J. S. Bach – László Adrián Nagy: Jazznificat

Nóra Ducza, Viktória Denk, József Csapó, András Adamik V., Manuel B. Camino (vocals)
Gábor Subicz, Ferenc Magyar (trumpet), Sándor Zsemlye (saxophone), Alex Berkesi (bass guitar), László Csízi (drums), Sebestyén Nagy (percussion), László Adrián Nagy (piano)
Ars Oratoria Chamber Choir (choirmaster: Zoltán Pad)
Hungarian Army Male Chorus (choirmaster: Richárd Riederauer)
Hungarian Studio Orchestra (concertmaster: Balázs Bujtor)
Conductor: Richárd Riederauer

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Magnificat ranks as one of the most popular works of music of all time. This concert features it in its original form and in an unusual arrangement. Jazznificat is the transcription of Bach’s Magnificat by László Adrián Nagy, the Male Choir’s pianist-organist-répétiteur, in which the Bach themes are given a twist and spiced up with blues, funk, gospel and rock traits. Army Male Choir are joined by several superb jazz musicians and popular soloists. The work is performed by outstanding jazz musicians and soloists alongside Honvéd Male Choir. And how did the arrangement come about? This is what the arranger László Adrián Nagy had to say: “Bach’s Magnificat is a veritable jewel box. Despite its relatively modest ‘dimensions’, it displays incredible musical, emotional and intellectual riches, all dressed in the most magnificent of Baroque music. On witnessing such perfection, one inevitably ponders: how would the maestro have written the same thing in a later age, in a different musical language? How would he have written it today? With other instruments, other musical tools, in another rhythm? The question is rhetorical, we will never know. We can only take a guess at the answer: it would be just as brilliant.”



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Honvéd Male Choir


HUF 2 500, 3 500