Kristóf Baráti & Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra

20 September 2021, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Kristóf Baráti & Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra

Vivaldi: Sinfonia in C Major, RV 112
Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in E minor, RV 277 (ʻIl favoritoʼ)
Kreisler: Violin Concerto in C major in the Style of Vivaldi
Péter Wolf: Tiszteletem Vivaldi Úr!


Schubert–Mahler: String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, D. 810 (‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’)

Kristóf Baráti (violin)
The Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra (concertmaster: János Pilz, artistic director: Károly Botvay)

In the first half of his career, one of the most renowned violinists of all time, Fritz Kreisler, often played pieces by well-known or lesser-known Baroque masters in his own virtuoso arrangements. In 1905, he performed an entire concerto from Vivaldi, but three decades later he ‘confessed’ that he had invented every single note for the concerto. In other words, the composition was not an arrangement but a pastiche containing everything that Kreisler and his age imagined of Vivaldi. A century later, Péter Wolf also wrote his own Vivaldiana. Thus the first half of the concert is in the spirit of Vivaldi and playful allusions, with the interpretation of Kristóf Baráti making this unforgettable. After the intermission it is the turn of one of the greatest works in the quartet canon: the famous string quartet by Schubert, Death and the Maiden. Ever since the famous reworking by Gustav Mahler, it is considered the finest test of character of string ensembles.

Presented by

The Budapest Strings Foundation


HUF 2 800, 3 800, 4 800, 5 800