Les Violons d'Ingres

21 September 2021, 19.00-21.00

Old Academy of Music, Chamber Hall

Les Violons d'Ingres


Hindemith: Kanonisches Vortragsstück
Boccherini: Notturno in E-flat major (ʻLa Buona notte’)
Margola: Partita per due violini
Viotti: Duo for Two Violins in C minor, Op. 29/3
Cristian Chiappini: Tre Ricercari per due violini – Ricercare No. 3
Giulio Viozzi: Dodici duetti per due violini 

Erica Scherl, Claudia Cancellotti (violin)

Claudia Cancellotti and Erica Scherl established Les violons d’Ingres duo in 1997. Their repertoire covers works from various periods and music styles, from the classics and more popular genres through contemporary music all the way to improvization. At this concert they present their CD ‘Acanthus’ released last year, including Paul Hindemith duos and works by Italian composers born in the 20th century. Although most of the compositions being performed were written 20-30 years apart, they all feature similar elements in their musical idiom: chromaticism, counterpoint, and strong contrasts in mood. The aesthetic of earlier ages played an important role in the art of Franco Margola (1908–1992); strict formal elements, symmetry and proportion were all dominant in his instrumental music. As a composer of stage works, Giulio Viozzi (1912–1984) preferred grotesque and surreal themes over verism, although in his instrumental compositions he found his own voice in tonality and harmonics over avant-garde trends. Composer and psychologist Cristian Chiappini (who goes by the artist’s name of LeoneNero) represents today’s composer generation at this concert. He frequently seeks inspiration in earlier genres, thus his oeuvre to date includes a ricercar (for different instrumental line-ups), chorale arrangement and even a sonata. During the recital, we can also get an insight into the music of two classical Italian composers, Boccherini and Viotti.

Presented by

Olasz Kultúrintézet, Zeneakadémia Koncertközpont


HUF 2 000