Choir in the Church

7 November 2021, 11.00-13.00

Solti Hall

Liszt Kidz Academy – Music Fair

Choir in the Church Presented by Liszt Academy

For 10–15-year-olds

Church music works for choir from the the Middle Ages to the present day

Featuring: students of the Church Music Department, and ensemble formed by the students of the Liszt Academy (teachers: Ágnes Dobszay, György Merczel, Zoltán Mizsei, Dóra Pétery, Judit Rajk)
Moderator: Dániel Mona

The bourse or exchange is a wonderful and exciting place where everyone finds what they are looking for. Where swaps are constantly occurring, where sooner or later there will be a solution for everything. The bourse is colourful, diverse and busy. Just like the Musician Bourse, in other words, the autumn semester of Liszt Kidz Academy. During brand-new performances of the Liszt Academy’s series for young people, music historian Dániel Mona demonstrates how many different types of musician there are and who does what in the music world; whom, where and in what medium do we find them. There is no way we could omit those who sing in choirs because besides the fact that choirs are able to produce beautiful concerts anywhere (after all, they ‘only’ need their voices), they have an extremely important role in the life of churches as well. They make masses and services more uplifting and refined: they are the people who create a bridge between God and the congregation through their music, just as they did in the old times and as they still do today.



Presented by

Liszt Academy Concert Centre


HUF 2 500