Vienna–Budapest–Helsinki–Paris Orchestral Concert

30 October 2022, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Workshops of the Liszt Academy

Vienna–Budapest–Helsinki–Paris Orchestral Concert Presented by Liszt Academy

Gluck: Iphigeneia in Aulis – Overture
Haydn: Symphony No. 95 in C minor, Hob. I:95
R. Strauss: Metamorphosen

Orchestra formed by students of the music academies of Vienna, Budapest, Helsinki and Paris
Conductor: Johannes Meissl

The Workshops of the Liszt Academy series presents the education at the university, a summary of the work of the departments and the results of various projects. The forthcoming concert is organised jointly with the music academies of Vienna, Paris and Helsinki, with the participation of forty young musicians. A special feature of the event is the fact that some of the works, even though representing important milestones in the history of music, are rarely performed in Hungary. These include Gluck’s opera overture – his stage work that sparked the art-political debate in 18th-century Paris between his supporters and those of composer Niccolò Piccinni – and Richard Strauss’ string orchestral piece, considered by some to be the saddest funeral music of all time, which the composer wrote to commemorate his hometown of Munich that was bombed in World War II. Between the two compositions, we will hear one of Haydn’s symphonies, written as a result of his first visit to London. Conductor of the evening is Mr. Johannes Meissl, Professor of Chamber Music and Vice-Rector of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. A true expert and a long-time Director of the Joseph Haydn Institute.


The online flyer for the event can be downloaded HERE (English version: page 2).



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Admission to the concert is free. Tickets can be claimed at the website and at the Ticket Office of the Liszt Academy one month before the concert.

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