Ádám Király

16 May 2024, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Competition Winners

Ádám Király Presented by Liszt Academy

Winner of the Great Piano Master Online International Piano Competition

Frescobaldi–Bartók: Toccata
Zipoli–Bartók: Pastorale in C major
della Ciaia–Bartók: Sonata in G major
Bartók: Dance Suite, BB 86b (arranged for piano by the composer)


Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, BB 123 (arranged for piano by the composer)

Ádám Király (piano)

When Béla Bartók was about the same age as Ádám Király is now, he attracted attention by playing Richard Strauss’s symphonic poem “Ein Heldenleben” (A Hero’s Life) in his own piano arrangement. Ádám Király’s first concert at the Liszt Academy – perhaps to honor Bartók’s feat – features exclusively transcriptions made by Bartók. As the opening of the concert, he will perform transcriptions of keyboard works by 17th and 18th-century Italian composers: Bartók wrote these pieces around 1926-1927 and he himself liked performing them at his concerts. In contrast, the transcriptions he made from his own orchestral works were not originally intended for public performance: he wrote the transcription of the Dance Suite at the request of a publisher, while that of the Concerto was prepared for a planned but never staged ballet production. Ádám Király won the first prize at the Great Piano Master Online Piano Competition by performing the latter.


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