Monsters at an Exhibition

3 February 2019, 10.30-12.30

Grand Hall

Secrets of Music

Monsters at an Exhibition Presented by Liszt Academy

Monsters at an Exhibition (premiere)

In Medias Brass Quintet: Richárd Kresz, Tamás Pálfalvi (trumpet); János Benyus (horn); Attila Sztán (trombone); József Bazsinka Jr. (tuba)
Music: Dániel Dinyés
Text: György Hegyi
Narrator: Artúr Kálid
Director: Pál Göttinger

Do you know what Krümpül is? What about Bucilus? What should we do with a child overcome by Tötyör? This fairy tale concert by In Medias Brass offers up a solution to these knotty problems! Taking an artistic and scientific approach, they present the secret world of our everyday monsters and their damaging effects on our lives, not to mention practical ways of warding them off. Bumba bungling? Zakazakk behind the collar? There’s a fix for them all!



Presented by

Filharmónia Hungary


HUF 2 500