I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti
Amadinda Percussion Project

19 March 2024, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Here and Now

Amadinda Percussion Project Presented by Liszt Academy

Chávez: Toccata
Cage: Three2
Javier Álvarez: Metro Chabacano


Harrison: Violin Concerto
Sculptured Sound – improvization

Oszkár Varga (violin)
Zoltán Rácz & percussion students of the Liszt Academy

The Amadinda Percussion Project is a key workshop for modern music education at the Liszt Academy. The spring concert will be based around pieces from the modern percussion repertoire that are now considered classics. Lou Harrison was working on the specially orchestrated Violin Concerto as early as the 1940s, with the final version completed in 1959. The work was premiered in Hungary in 1986. András Wilheim said at the time that, compared with his colleague John Cage, Harrison was “almost a revivalist of the Romantic tradition”. The concert will also feature works by two Mexican composers. Chávez’s Toccata was written in 1942, while his compatriot Javier Álvarez’s Metro Chabacano, from 1991, refers to a kinetic sculpture in a Mexican metro station. The composition is one of the most frequently performed works by the recently deceased composer and was originally written for string quartet. The four-marimba transcription was premiered by the Mexican percussion ensemble Tambuco.


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